Ultimate Guide to Phentermine


Phentermine is described as a prevailing prescription weight loss pill designed to assists overweight and obese patients who are at serious risk and eager to lose weight fast. Phentermine over the counter is administered orally and it is thought out to be a Schedule IV Drug. This prescription diet pill is recommended for only a short term use and under stringent supervision as a result of its power.
You can buy Phentermine weight loss pills if you are overweight and want to lose weight fast! Quite a number of people are on the lookout for the best ways to lose that extra pounds with a supplement that works fast, whether through the latest diet pills, miracles diet or exercise fad.
Phentermine is a renowned prescription diet pills. However, there are more than a few people out there who have used this diet pill and found success with losing weight and making it permanent, in spite of the argument on the safety and side effects of this diet pill.
Why Buy Phentermine?
You can only buy Phentermine by prescription from your doctor and works mainly as an anorectic, repressing your appetite for absolute hunger control and thereby making it possible to lose weight through a caloric deficit.
Another reason for buying this weight loss pill is because of the effect it has on your metabolism, which will boost your energy levels for a thermogenic effect in your body. This will then help you to burn off your belly fat and oxidize fatty acids for energy.
Furthermore, Phentermine over the counter is among the most sought after diet pills in the world, its popularity is epic and has been used by numerous people over the years with great success. Generally speaking however, all diet pills are best used with a well balanced exercise, diet, and hypnotic or behavioral therapy, and Phentermine is no exception.
How Phentermine Over the Counter Works?
Phentermine over the counter works by inspiring the Hypothalamus gland, which controls a fraction of your nervous system and also control your core temperature, sleep cycles and appetite.
The direct effect of Phentermine begins in the brain with the motivation of the adrenal glands, which later results to the discharge of norepinephrine, which eventually reduces hunger.
The resulting effect occurs at the outer surface of the brain with the discharge of adrenaline, which causes the breakdown of fatty acids piled up in the body and eventually burning them as fuel. Hunger reduction is the most important effect, which is why Phentermine is so popular.
What is the Normal Dosage?
The normal dosage of this diet supplement depends on your certain needs. However, the aim is to accomplish the most effective outcomes with the lowest possible dose.
The typical and normal dosage as gathered from Drugs.com is as follows:
Adult: One tablet of 37.5 mg each day used before breakfast or 1 to 2 hours after breakfast, as recommended by the doctor. However, this dosage might be adjusted to the need of a particular patient.
It is 18.75 mg or half tablet each day for some patients, while it might be desirable to give 18.75 mg or half tablet twice daily in some cases.
The Side Effects of Phentermine
Some of the common side effects of Phentermine over the counter are Nausea, Constipation, Diarrhea, Unpleasant taste and Dry mouth.
Some of the more serious side effects that have been related to the use of this weight loss pill include; Headaches, changes in libido, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, dizzy spells, tremors, nervousness/anxiety, restlessness, having difficulty sleeping, high blood pressure and palpitations/rapid heart rate.
The Bottom Line
Phentermine is an effective diet pill for weight loss. You can buy Phentermine in tablets or absolute release capsules that are both administered orally. It is always suggested that you take some time off after completing the prescribed cycle because it is thought out to be very powerful.