Short Guide about Durabolin


What is it? Durabolinis also known as Deca. It is one of the best injectable and oral form of anabolic steroid available in the market. The scientific name of Durabolin is known asNandroloneDecanoate. Itis the second most operative steroid known till date after testosterones. Durabolin 100 injection has various brand names, but the base composition is the same.

 The base compound of Durabolin is Nandrolone. From this parent compound, all other medicines have been derived. Nandrolonealso has other nick name; it is known as 19—nortestosterone. The difference between Nandrolone and other testosterones is that it is a low conversion to Estrogen compounds or aromatic compounds. The aromatising of the compound may increase the levels of estrogen in the body. The potential side-effects such as enlargement of breast size and cause of acne on skin can be observed.Thus Durabolin causes less amount of estrogen.

Initially, when the usage of steroids for building muscles was known to body builders; only two kinds of chemical compounds were available which are known as testosterone and nandrolone. These were the only economical ones too. Although body prepares them naturally, it is advisable to take them externally, during shortage. Most body builders use it, even if it is in sufficient amounts, to obtain results faster. The bulky muscles and leaner frames can be obtained by Durabolin intake.

One of the most beneficial properties of Deca is that shows low amount of side-effects on hair and skin. Usually due to steroidal intake, the scalp converts dry and flaky and every now and then, it causes huge amount of dandruff and hairfall. But, when one uses Durabolin, users need not have to worry about such issues. Thus, even actors who want good physique, consume this pill in form of cycles. This is due to the fact thatnandrolone has an enzyme that the shows immense potency of the steroid. It is known as 5-alpha. It is in contrast to many other steroids which contain anabolic properties.

Durabolin has been developed by the company known as Organon.An athlete can experience joint pain relief when they use this compound. However, the compound is not prone to give many side-effects as other steroidal compounds. The drug does not cause immediate effects and show results in slow clearance. Once taken for short time, it will work slowly but effectively. Thus, taking it for a short cycles or short duration is not a good choice.


The side-effects of the DecaDurabolin are similar to the effect of the steroids. The risks may involve breast enlargement or development, baldness onset, lower sperm count, liver malfunction, mood swings, bloating and nausea. If the abuse of this drug is made, it might cause organ failure too.It is advisable to void the intake of Durabolin for long period of time. The usage should be restricted to six to eight weeks for the dosage of 50-100 mg per day. For females, it is advisable to take fifty per cent of the suggested amount for male.