What is the Best Advice for After Hair Straightening?


Later, after spending time and well earned money on hair straightening, most people would like to keep it straightened for as long as they possibly can. Hair which has been straightened with a flat iron should not be allowed to get damp, and there are hair styling products that can keep it from becoming wavy or frizzy. Hair bands and hats should certainly be avoided for a few days after Brazilian or Japanese straightening. Going for periodic touch ups is a good idea and may be necessary after hair straightening with that kind of procedure.

One of the simplest and fastest ways to keep hair straightened by using a straightening iron. This product typically only provides short-term results. Usually, this style of device will only last until the next time the hair gets wet or is washed

Sprays and Serums

Hair spray can be used for holding in place after hair has been straightened with a straightening iron. Shine serum may also be applied to hair that easily becomes frizzy. Plus, it is important to keep your hair from getting wet after using a flat iron and you should use a plastic shower cap whilst bathing for this purpose. A professional hairdresser is the best place to go for all such treatments, especially in the case of permanent hair straightening in Perth.

The style of Brazilian hair straightening is done by utilising a flat iron on hair treated with keratin and formaldehyde. This style of hair straightening can usually last for up to a couple of months. A day or two after straightening treatments of this type, people should be extra careful with their hair. Any bends or kinks will have to be immediately straightened out with a hot iron. Once again, hats, hair bands, and hair clips should definitely be avoided, and the hair should not be allowed to get wet.

Back to Normal

Roughly a few more days to a week after hair straightening using keratin, people can mostly start to resume their normal hair care routines. Special shampoos and conditioners that do not contain sulphate or sodium, should be applied. Also, some people may choose to wash their hair less often, which can make the treatment last that little bit longer. The hair will eventually begin to go back to its normal texture a few months after straightening, and then a touch up will be usually all that is required.

Japanese hair straightening is often referred to as Japanese thermal reconditioning. This method also uses chemicals and a flat iron and just like with Brazilian hair straightening, hair should be treated very carefully. Hair bands, clips, and water are yet again to be avoided for a few days after hair straightening. Special shampoos and conditioners, along with shine serum, should also be used.

Hairs to You

The results of thermal reconditioning are considered somewhat permanent, but new hair growth, however, will naturally be the same texture as prior to the treatment.

Make sure to let the professionals do the job professionally!