8 Effective Ways to Lose Weight

loss weight

So, you finally get tired of looking skinny and wanted to look “macho”. But getting big isn’t enough since you need the “bulk” to get rid of those lard-laden jelly belly. If you can’t wait to pump up, you need to have the right moves so your time and effort will pay off. Here are some effective tips you need to remember:

  1. Always carry a water filled water jug with you

With the advent of convenient stores, you can always find substitutes for water in case you get thirst. If you’re tired, thirsty and feeling hot, you will surely grab one of those sodas, beers or teas. But according to UCLA nutrition education director; Sheri Barke, these types of drinks have very high calorie content. And if you want to shed off some excess fats, better drink water instead.

water filled water jug

  1. Check your cupboard contents

Make sure that you fill your cupboard with contents that meet your diet standards. However, this does not mean clearing it off with all your favorite foods. Denial often leads to binges. You can still eat a little of your favorite food once a week but don’t stock too much of it in your house since it will only tempt you to break your diet. If you plan to use fat burning supplement such  as instant knockout, read user reviews before buying.

  1. Stay away from fast foods and restaurants

There is wisdom in dining at home. It is not only cost efficient but saves you from getting too much calories as well. Commercially cooked foods are often packed with so many calories. And those who eat out a lot are getting more of them than they think they do.

  1. Make a grocery list

Homes must always be your refuge, even when it comes to food. So fill it with healthy foods that you seldom find when eating out. This includes fruits, vegetables and low calories snacks. If you don’t have a refrigerator, you must at least have an insulation bag or portable cooler to keep your food fresh.

  1. Think before you eat

There are many reasons for eating foods. A part from being physically hungry, you may only be doing this out of habit. And if you feel depressed, tired or lonely, you have the tendency to eat a lot. Sometimes, you only need to drink a glass of water.

Think before you eat

  1. Tell your friend

If you are planning to lose weight, tell your friend about it. Though some may sabotage your effort, a lot of them will be more than happy to help you reach your fitness goal.

  1. Small frequent feeding will help.

Most of the time, the problem is not just on the quality of food that you eat but also on the quantity. It pays to take small frequent meals since it keeps your body going without storing additional fats. It is one way of allowing your body to work efficiently. However, you need to be cautious in your eating schedules. You have to write down the time on your planner and make sure to follow what was written so you won’t end up eating more than you should.

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